Course introduction

This course will give a practical, no-nonsense set of memory hacks you can use to upgrade your memory and improve your life, work, and learning pursuits.

Some people seem to have a mental filing cabinet. There are memory wiz's who can memorize thousands of digits of pi, or a full deck of cards, or a speech. You don't need to have a photographic memory to pull off these feats; you just need to train your memory. Learning these techniques one bite-sized lesson at a time will make your life more memorable and make you more successful in anything you put your mind to.

A key to unlocking your ability to learning anything and to absorbing information better is to unlock your memory. It's time to level up your memory!

What do you want to be able to remember better?

Do you want to be able to remember people’s faces and names better?  Or what if your brain could remember numbers with more ease?  Would you like to learn languages faster?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could absorb and retain information better?  Our memory is, by far, the most powerful and practical tool of everyday life, affecting everything we do and remember.  Yet, many people are forgetting how to use their memories fully because we are more and more dependent on our devices to remember things for us.  

Memory is like a muscle that grows stronger as we use it or weaker if we neglect to use it.

By training and exercising our memory, we will be more successful in whatever we put our minds to.  By linking our past and our future, memory gives us the power to plan, to reason, and to understand. A stronger memory is critical to our general ability to think, decide, and do.   Also, training and exercising your memory will enhance your mind and brain health, which is essential for success in whatever we do.

Yet while all of us have an amazing capacity for memory, there are plenty of times when our memory seems to fail us. We will learn how forgetting happens and how to hack our memory so we remember better, faster, and longer.  

Memory training goes way back, but has become a long-lost art.

Ancient civilizations went to great lengths to cultivate memory techniques, which have become a long lost art in today’s technologically-dependent world.  Nowadays we are basically outsourcing our brains to technology and as a result our brains are suffering in an information-overloaded era. With the proper training and technique, anyone with an average memory can do extraordinary things with your memory.  You just need to know the key principles and techniques for hacking your memory.

Mastering the memory hacks in this course will transform your ability to learn faster and better!

This course will distill a series of no-nonsense, practical techniques and systems for upgrading your memory.   You will learn more about how memory functions—and then how to apply techniques such as vivid visualization to help you make better use of the memory abilities you have. By tapping into a series of scientifically proven strategies, as validated by memory champions and neuroscientists alike, we will learn tricks, techniques, and systems to greatly boost your powers of memory.  By practicing these memory hacks, you'll emerge from the end of this short course with the ability to process information more effectively and to increase your chance of remembering almost anything you want.  Unlocking your memory will unlock your potential!

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